Saturday, April 05, 2008

Warmer Milks
Live in Paris CDR
Factorymen 7"
Emeralds/Tusco Terror Vaporizer/Feral Cousins split LP
Dan Melchior und Das Menace Christmas For Crows LP

disc is from their Euro tour in early 2007 - a very sparse set of Mikey T. songs in distinctive 'pre mumble folk' style that takes a starting point somewhere between Jandek and Oldham and slowly bends and warps it further into tapped-out desolation. First song here is 9 minutes long, warped for a while in the middle by some seriously excellent post-Incus improv sketch. After that the disc winds its way not unlike the From This Room cassette, and Turner's songs and spook will surely garner various strong reactions. If I've got my facts straight Factorymen is a Homostupids side project, possibly a little more weird than the Homostupids, with more of a Ralph Records keyboard feel and less of the pounding guitars and overall snarl. I prefer the snarl, but this is pretty good too. "The Blouse" is a good song. More Ohio: played the Emeralds/Tusco Terror split and to my surprise I think I'm liking the Tusco side best. Emeralds zone out so much on here that it zoned me out of the picture, but Tusco's side doesn't so much play a track as it creates a misshapen organism that flutters and scrapes around tentatively, and yes, leaves slime trails.... gross! (Speaking of gross, a little mention of the packaging, the Ecstatic Peace LPs look great but for a guy who once said "mil bag consistency is a rule" I'm surprised to see T. Moore go with these thin resealable cello bags for his vinyl releases, I can't stand these things - they break easily and the resealable sticky part always gets stuck on the LP itself when you're taking it out/putting it in! Not to mention they are a magnet for cat hair, and I keep a clean apartment!) I'm really liking this Dan Melchior album. Third-song-on-side-one "(I'm the) Lonesome Ghost" is very good, a winsome ballad with the totally melancholy chorus "I'm the lonesome ghost/in your town/limpin' through the back streets/rummagin' around." I can relate, and I also really like the last track, a distorto psych-rock old-world fanfare/farewell instrumental. Ties the whole thing up perfectly. Lots of good songs in between. Check it out on Daggerman Records.

And there's always this:


Unknown said...

Why do I feel like I've seen that album cover before? Lately, it seems that LP covers like that are the new spraypainted CDR.

Larry said...

You mean the Black Dice-looking collage one? That's the Dan Melchior LP - it looks pretty nice actually, but yeah, it doesn't seem all that appropriate for the music, which is like old-world shambly garage-psych...

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