Friday, April 25, 2008

Mayyors Marine Dot Com LP 7"
Neil Young Dead Man OST
Ash Ra Tempel Best of the Private Tapes (thanks again to FM Shades)
Hall of Fame Live at The Mercury Paw 8/24/98 CDR
Lambsbread Purple Wings CDR

This Hall of Fame CDR is great. I like it better than the First Came Love, Then Came The Tree LP that it came with (although that was pretty good too). It's a single live set in Louisville, KY, from the year 1998, around 45 minutes long. It starts with a good 11 minutes of instrumental space-out and eventually gets into a driving song that eventually gets into other forlorn atmospheres.... one moment reminds me of the Airplane's "Comin' Back To Me" poured even slower. The Lambsbread disc is sounding great. The 4 or 5 Lambsbread releases I have all sound the same (and not in a bad way) but this is an exception - it's kinda got quiet parts, clean tone guitar, hanging space, individual notes recognizable from other individual notes... crazy, huh? Cover art is crazy too... some kind of abstract explosivist painting depicting the power and glory of menstruation... at least I hope that's what it is....

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