Saturday, May 18, 2019

LONG HOTS Monday Night Raw CS (NO LABEL)

(This Long Hots tape review has been lying around not-quite-finished for months, but I'll finally post it now in advance of their just-announced upcoming 7" on Third Man Records and summer tour with David Nance Group:) An honest-to-goodness primitive power trio laying down extendo trance rock and roll music, heavily instrumental, but not without a brat/boogie group vocal approach that really puts the roll into the rock. Eva Killinger is on drums, and she was in the ultimate Philly underground trance gunk rock and roll band Spacin', so you know that's a good start. The guitarist and other vocalist is Rosali Middleman, who just released a singer/songwriter album under her first name Rosali called Trouble Anyway, but Long Hots ain't singer/songwriter, it ain't even really songwriting at all, this is ur-rock, and Ms. Middleman's primordial grinding/keening/singing rhythm/lead guitar kills throughout, not surprisingly heard to great effect on the 9-minute "Boogie Trance." (See, it's not just me using the word "trance.") Kathryn Lipman plays bass guitar that is also very ur-, locking in with Killinger and laying down the train tracks for Middleman to flow over. And to be honest, it's a pretty rough practice-room recording, any/all mistakes left in, and as much as I like it, it still feels like they're just getting started.

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