Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Car Commercials Black 93 CS
Tunnels Astral Collage CDR
Rolling Stones Let It Bleed

The Car Commericals tape is on Fuck It Tapes and it sounds like Car Commercials but didn't really make a deeper impression, certainly not like their Judy's Dust LP. Tunnels is a release on the prolific psych label Abandon Ship... maybe one person, maybe two or three, doing creepy pastoral psych/drone instrumentals with some really nice moments mixed in with some stuff that is more generic... decent release overall, though, I'll keep an ear on Tunnels. Still got Let It Bleed on the turntable but now I just keep playing "Midnight Rambler" over and over. The way the band speeds up and slows down along with the "don't do that" vocal incantation, pushed by the foghorn harmonica and swaying slide guitar lick, all building up to the insane finale ("I'll stick my knife right down your throat baby and it HURTS!") .... damn.

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