Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sic Alps A Long Way Around To A Shortcut CD
Various Artists Basic Channel
Sun Ra Lanquidity
Can Future Days & Past Nights
Can Soundtracks
Music From The Morning Of The World LP

Here's some fine public service by the Animal Disguise label, a collection of all the out of print Sic Alps releases from the last couple years. The first 10 tracks of the disc reissue last year's blink-and-miss vinyl release Description of the Harbor, the greatest thing they've done so far with its dreamy combination of 60s garage pop miniatures and noise-damaged WTF. Also includes the Strawberry Guillotine 7", the Semi Streets 7", the Teenage Alps CS, the Soft Tour in Rough Form 12", one comp track and one unreleased track. Get this CD and Pleasures and Treasures (also on Animal Disguise) and you've got it all until their full-length on Siltbreeze comes out...

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Anonymous said...

Without ever hearing any recordings, I randomly found myself at a Sic Alps concert last Saturday and thought it was interesting they had their own sound system but that it didn't actually sound that great, even in a shitty-great way. There songs seemed pretty cool, but it was a good 100 degrees and incredibly humid with no air circulation, so it was a little hard to get too into it. I kept on thinking that any sort of variation in their sounds would really help the songs out, and then sure enough, checked out some recordings the next day and there was a great palette of sounds. So, I guess go see Sic Alps when it's not so hot and humid, or just sit at home and listen to their records.

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