Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lambsbread Water Damage mp3s
Groundhogs Split mp3s
Echologist Explorations Vol. 1 mp3s
Harmonia Musik von Harmonia mp3s
A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders mp3s
Stereo Motherfuckers scorpion CD mp3s
Jan Jelinek Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records mp3s
Kreamy 'Lectric Santa 7-inch
Ashtray Navigations A Monument to British Rock 3LP
Grouper/Inca Ore C40 mp3s

Lambsbread came up on the shuffle and at first I thought it was gonna be black metal and then I thought it was the Sun City Girls but then I figured it out because Lambsbread are pretty unmistakable. It is surprising how much this Water Damage release maintains a Sun City Girls feel - I don't think it's intentional at all, it's a very specific SCG feel, those berserker improv moments when Alan and Charlie are locked into a non-stop infernal lava-tsunami of bass-and-drum rumble while Rick shreds thin and trebly waaaay on top of it all yet somehow right in the thick of it. The Girls will usually hit this mode while hustling somewhere else, but Lambsbread do the shit for this whole entire 17-minute disc. It sounds like it has to be guitar/bass/drums, although I saw 'em live a few times and it was always two guitars and drums. Either way, the low end rumble is ridiculous and non-stop on here, with the drums, which are amazing live, buried deep within and practically unrecognizable until the end when he digs out a pretty jaw-dropping crescendo. (Supposedly Lambsbread is playing in Chicago this Friday (two days from now) with C. Spencer Yeh and Emeralds. Somehow I don't think they're gonna play, but fingers crossed, I'll let you know.) You know I've never really heard the Groundhogs before but I put on Split just now and it feels like I've been listening to it all my life. That first song has such a great hook when he sings "In the dying embers of a burnt-out day/When morning seems a thousand hours away/Dark prevails and the light gives up the fight to stay." Great bleak lyrics too.... I was on a techno blog and they recommended Echologist for minimal dub house type stuff, making it sound Basic Channel worthy, so I bit, but damn, Rhythm & Sound makes this shit sound like Harold Faltermeyer. Will not listen again... Ah, Midnight Marauders... even though I've heard the line a couple hundred times, I just lol'd when Tip said "Funky like your grandpa's drawers"... Jan Jelinek comes highly regarded in the minimal techno world, but when I first came across his music I was underwhelmed. Once again, I think I was just too deep under the spell of Basic Channel et al to branch out into other sub-styles, but tonight it really clicked. (No pun intended.) The real reason is that I got new 'studio style' headphones for the iPod - no more earbuds - and now I can listen to this stuff LOUD, to where I can hear every microscopic detail, every click, every shudder, every chilled-out micro-rhythm, and the shit is exquisite....


michael w said...

where's the Lambsbread, Emeralds, C. Spencer Yeh show supposed to be?

Larry said...

AV-Aerie, 2000 W. Fulton, Suite 310 - (Fulton & Damen). Bad news is Emeralds cancelled but good news is Axolotl is replacing - also with Binges, Animal Law, and The Skaters! Ridiculous bill...

michael w said...

wow. and me with plans to see Six Organs, Mick Turner, and Scott Tuma at the Empty Bottle. Axolotl and The Skaters? wow. maybe I can split my time. thanks for the info.

Magas said...

Yeah, I had that same feeling when I put on Split, earlier this year. Great stuff!

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