Thursday, February 28, 2008

Elektronavn Cosmic Continuum CD
Om Pilgrimage
Cubs vs. Giants (spring training game on WGN Radio with your hosts Pat Hughes & Ron Santo)

The Ikuisuus label from Great Britain put out the surprisingly scorching/thundering Taurpis Tula LP Cadillac Sitting Like a Ton of Lead last year, and now they've sent along a batch of 4 or 5 new CDs. I've listened to two so far, Salt of the Sun by Family Underground (see last post) and Cosmic Continuum by Elektronavn. Had no idea who Elektronavn was but there was no resisting this thing with its crude psychedelic Quasigyptian pasted-on chipboard gatefold cover art, weird ancient/future artist name (actually one guy playing all the instruments and his real (?) name is even better: Magnus Olsen Majmon), two 'side-long' tracks called simply "Cosmic Continuum I" and "Cosmic Continuum II," with a shout-out in the thanks list to "Yoga and Buddhistic Philosophy," and the music itself completely lives up to all of that, while still being a massive stretched-out left-turn from that. More on 'that' later, I guess... this is the first time I've listened to the newest Om album since a flurry of spins when it came out back in October. I've always liked it but today it sounded better than ever... couldn't believe it when coworker turned on the radio and there was Pat & Ron right in the middle of calling a Cubs game, absolutely live, as if it wasn't 20 degrees outside and every spare space in the city covered with 5 inches of week-old frozen snow. The game, of course, was taking place in the 75 degree weather of Arizona - the Cactus League, they call it - and the Cubs even won, 10-1 or some shit, against "the Giants" - I guess that's San Francisco, right? I don't follow any of the details but I do like the game, and Pat & Ron are a fine comedy team, both intentional and un-. In between pitches Pat brought up a player, I forget his name, who had recently gone vegetarian. Now it is well known that Ron has diabetes, so you'd think he'd be conscientious about how changes in diet can improve or degrade one's overall health, but he could not believe this guy was a vegetarian - in fact, you could hear him sorta scoffing and growling about it. Pat said that the player changed his diet after reading an article on the meat industry in one of his wife's magazines, to which Ron blurted out, "Well, there's a lot of that going around!" Right after that there was a base hit or something and they never got back to it.

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