Friday, January 18, 2008

William Basinski "Disintegration Loop 3"

So on Wednesday night I was sitting at the computer with my iPod on my knee (sung to the tune of Stephen Foster's "Oh Susanna") and it slipped right off and, whaddayaknow, plopped right into the cat's water dish. Completely submerged while still playing. I yanked it out and dried it off but it was acting weird (like not playing), so I turned it off to let it dry for 24 hours and tried to get the potential tragedy out of my mind. After a day of extraordinary patience and deprivation (ha) I turned it on and hey, it was working! Perfectly. The very first (okay the seventeenth) song to come up on the shuffle was Basinski's 3rd, which seemed appropriate, music rescued from destruction, rising like the proverbial Phoenix from the...okay I'll stop. But this is a great piece, my second favorite D. Loop (after 1.1 of course). It reminds me a lot of one of those pieces by Gas where the house beat is removed completely and the thick choirs of mournful/ecstatic strings just rise and mass and cover....

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