Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Swamp Horse CS
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return mp3s
Meat Puppets II mp3s
Nirvana With the Lights Out mp3s

Swamp Horse tape comes from the Husk label which is run by the drummer of Cadaver in Drag. I was kinda excited for this because it looked dark and shadowy and it was from Lexington (Nicholasville, even), still a very key spot for 2000s weird music....but side A was kind of a dark ambient wash-out from which nothing stuck. Side B is more like it, with slowed-down doom guitar underneath and a river of tape-sludge pulsing over the top. More Husk releases I'd like to check out too... Envenomist... Social Junk... the elusive Kraken Fury... Listened to the Celtic Frost for the first time in a couple years and it didn't really grab me. I'm honestly a little worried about that. The band still sounded great and my head did bang several times but for some reason I wasn't hearing the songs anymore, except when Thomas G. Warrior would say "Hey!" of course. I'm gonna have to play this again soon, while not at work, and see what happens. Meat Puppets II on the other hand, also listened to for the first time in a couple years, sounded as raggedly glorious as ever. I still can't believe the wavy warped dream-sound they get on "We're Here," but I think my favorite (non-obvious) track is still the "Aurora Borealis" instrumental. The backbeat is straight off the Harvest LP and played with more gumption than anyone since Kenny Buttrey himself. Co-worker played the entire Nirvana box set after that, which was pretty cool. There's some really ratty lo-fi live stuff on there, Kurt demos that sound like they were recorded in a closet, hits and unknowns, a real mixed bag of mystification/demystification which seems appropriate.

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