Sunday, March 16, 2008

Terry Riley & Don Cherry Koln Concert
Cubs vs. Angels preseason baseball game
Rockets vs. Lakers NBA game
Golf on NBC
Preston Ari Swirnoff Maariv CD
P.G. Six Music From The Sherman Box Series And Other Works CD
The Renderizors Submarine CD

Turned on the TV to see if I could catch the weather and have fallen into a sweet sports vortex that's been going for about a half an hour, flipping back and forth between WGN, ABC, and NBC, hardly ever having to watch a commercial - man, this is what most people usually do all the time, isn't it? The Cubs are winning again, 4-1 or something. Zambrano holding it down on the mound. Last week I heard the Houston Rockets had won 19 straight or something and now they're up to 22, it was fun to see 'em wear down the Lakers with no marquee names or overt hotshots, just a strong team of quiet tough guys, kind of reminds me of the Pistons championship teams from a couple years ago. (I probably watch less than 90 total minutes of sports on TV per year, and I really know absolutely nothing about any of this - maybe the 2008 Rockets are nothing like the 2005 Pistons, and maybe both teams have a bunch of marquee names, I'm sure people who watch ESPN at least an hour a day can name some.) (Ha, the Rockets have gone 4-5 since this game. - ed.) Just saw Tiger Woods make an amazing 25-foot putt that will probably be shown in highlight montages 20 years from now. I have no idea what this tournament is. "Stranger At Your Party" is an extremely creaking and forlorn 7-minute downer ballad on this new Renderizors CD, sung by Brian Cook at his most haunted-sounding, an amazing song, worth the price of admission as they say...


Outer Badui said...

the Piston teams of the past 5 years have been a chemistry-driven force of methodical practice yet they have problems closing the deal in the post-season. Only did it once against the heavily-favored Lakers in 2004. The way Houston has been playing is similar to the Pistons concept in that they played great defense during that stretch and this lead to an unselfish style of basketball on both ends of the floor. It also didnt hurt that they played mostly mediocre teams during that winning streak as well. Houston has Tracy McGrady, who would be considered a marquee player a notch above Billups, Rashid, and Rip for Detroit. Embrace your inner Sports-fan Larry.
Its OK! I happen to be able to out-produce most souls on every level AND follow sports....if you're big enough, you can handle it all. Its another language---just like learning Spanish or engineering lingo. It can take you carrying another gun around.
Can't wait until you start talkin derivitives manipulative finance, 9-11 was an inside job, WW2 fake history, and all the other topics musicians seem to know little about. They need an education father Larry! Teach those children!

--Outer Badui #1

Anonymous said...

"Rodman is god, man."

Larry said...

Believe me O.B., my inner fan is embraced, we even hold hands in public, it's just that the TV is never on! The only show I ever watch is Two and a Half Men. But I always liked what none other than preeminent douchelord George F. Will himself once said: "Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence." I just like to get the excellence raw and uncut without being filtered through celebrity and hype, so I plug in randomly and check out the sweet science and improvised group-mind chessboxing... playoffs, regular season, the great, the mediocre, it doesn't matter... but of course celebrity and hype are also languages where knowing the right phrases will definitely come in handy....

Anonymous said...

Hey Outer Badui: You must be one of those Unknowable Others I keep reading about in my "Wire" magazine.

The current Pistons haven't been the same since coach Larry "Next Town" Brown, who was on board when they won their championship, left the team, to be replace by Flip Saunders. Flip Wilson would've been better.


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