Monday, March 03, 2008

Preston Ari Swirnoff Maariv CD
The Renderizors Submarine CD
Hank Williams The Best of...(Millennium Collection) CD
old Abbott & Costello radio shows
Sade Lovers Rock

Here's two new ones from the Last Visible Dog - the CD by Swirnoff of the Monosov-Swirnoff duo is subtitled Four Pieces of Electroacoustic Music, with the titles "For Piano and Electronics," "For a Room Full of Organs," "For Electric Guitar," and "For Four Tape Machines," so you pretty much know what you're getting, and the tracks do not disappoint - this is a nice album of extended experimental dream-sound pieces. The cover design looks like a 1950s electronic music LP too. The Renderizors is Brian and Maryrose Crook of The Renderers playing with two of the guys from Sandoz Lab Technicians, and this album Submarine was recorded back in 2000-2001, and even if it took 7 years this thing deserves release - the minimalist psych/noise of the Technicians is a very effective complement to the haunted country songs of the Crooks. A lot of these tracks are little more than a spooked vocal with occasional haunted whale sounds ringing far in the distance, and it really works. Somewhere on like Track 5 they get LOUD for awhile and that works too. Other times it gets so sparse and dusty you think the song might just dry up and completely evaporate. Weird (good) album. These Abbott & Costello shows are pretty nuts. Hard to focus on while at work, but I just heard a bit where an unctuous couple are saying to each other "You're the only woman in the world..." "Oh darling, you're the only man in the world..." "Well sweetheart, you're the only woman in the world..." "You're the only man..." at which point Costello blurts out "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOU'VE JUST BEEN LISTENING TO ADAM AND EVE!!!!!" There are constant ads for various tobacco products ... in fact, they just gave away 300,000 Camel cigarettes to the "Yank of the Week," a US fighter pilot who had been patrolling the Aegean seaboard when he noticed a German aerial unit about to attack an Allied convoy. He swooped in and destroyed 7 planes all by himself, while his team took out an additional 6. So, they're gonna give all 300,000 cigs to this guy? (Or I should say "they gave?"...) Downloaded Sade's Lovers Rock on a whim because I remember Steve Shelley really dug it or something, and goddamn it's good! So smooth. There's even a song on here, "Slave Song," that has such a Rhythm & Sound/Burial Mix feel that I wonder if it was directly influenced - the Sade album came out in 2000 so it is possible.


Anonymous said...

hey, i've never commented before, but i'm a big blastitude fan and just wanted to let you know i'm glad yer still writing stuff.

Anonymous said...

This dude Nick Krgovich from British Columbia did a couple of tours covering "lovers rock" from beginning to end with just an organ and slightly dubbed, very simple beats.

Anonymous said...

...oh yeah, and it was good.

Larry said...

Bobby T, never heard of Nick Krgovich but that sounds cool - listened to Lovers Rock again today but it won't get posted for awhile - you might've noticed I'm about 10 days behind and it won't probably won't catch up anytime soon. Speaking of which, right on Anonymous, I don't plan on getting any FURTHER behind, and within weeks there will actually be a couple new things at as well.... Queequeg sent something!

Chris said...

A fun thing to do, which I'm pretty sure hasn't been done to death yet, is, when discussing the UK glam band Slade, to pronounce them with the same indescribable phonetic shift you have to do for Sade. Their name then becomes "Shlarday." (Wendy passed that one along to me! Amuses me to no end)

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