Wednesday, November 09, 2011


In earlier times, from The Real Glenn Danzig

Not only did I have to wince when I read this blow-by-blow account of Glenn Danzig being a Prima Glenna last weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest, I also had to laugh, because the whole thing was more or less just predicted by longtime Blastitude contributing editor Chris Sienko! He happened to catch the Danzig Legacy tour when it stopped in Chicago on October 7th, and he sent me a great e-mail about it three weeks ago on October 19th, which included this particularly insightful section: 

[October 19, 2011] 
....Danzig and Doyle stomped out for one of four remaining times that Glenn's supposedly going to sing these [Misfits] songs. "I hope you fuckers are getting your rocks off, because this is it!" spat Danzig. Actually, his inner wants and needs were pretty well telegraphed through the whole show. "We're up here sweating our asses off for you guys!" meant "it's too hot in here." "This ain't no Tom Petty, motherfucker, so you better believe we're playing it loud!" meant "it's too loud in here." And "any other fuckin' act would be back in their dressing room right now, combing their hair in front of the mirror" meant "I wish I were back in my dressing room, combing my hair in front of the mirror." Just SAY you don't want to be here, Glenn! Then fucking play the songs we're here to see! The whole crowd chanted along with the wordless choruses and chants, and got all riled up for "Bullet" and "Last Caress." I think he did maybe seven or eight Misfits tunes, tops?! before stomping back off, after which the scrim again became the Danzig skull and he came out for two more of his current songs and "Mother." Couldn't end on a high note, could you?

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