Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Warmer Milks "Let Your Friends In" CD
Brother JT "Sweet Purgatory" advance CDR
Pink Floyd "Animals" mp3s
Burial "Untrue" mp3s
William Basinski "Disintegration Loops #1"

Two long tracks on the new Warmer Milks alb; first one is more of that Radish on Light dirge/doom/punk sickness, but where the songs on that album were very carefully developed, this feels like one big sprawled-out fuck-it-all go-for-broke jam. Very heavy and satistfying, lots of sick singing. The second song is more of a free-form fuck-around, no bombastic dirge is attempted as the band struggles with weird guitar strum applications kept deliberately unfocused. First 'side' is great, second 'side' is more enticing than it sounds like it should be. Interesting quartet lineup too, Turner and Backus from the 'traditional' WM lineup plus Shawn McMillen (Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast, Friday Group, Iron Kite) and Paul Oldham (brother of Will).... the Brother JT thing was supposed to be an 8-inch vinyl EP released by the Summersteps label -- did it ever come out? They sent me this advance CDR of it a long time ago, and it's SO GOOD. I know JT has released several albums over the last few years, and maybe they're all fragile/yearning post-Roky/Velvets-3rd psych-pop bliss as good as this, but it's hard to imagine because the songwriting/performance/recording quality level is very high on these four melancholy dream songs. "It's waiting for me/Sweet purgatory/It's neither here or there/Just in between somewhere." (Oh shit, it did come out back in May 2007! Still available from the Summersteps website.)... Playing Floyd at work, always a choice anyone can agree on. Animals just might be my favorite Gilmour-era Floyd album -- it's got a great 'extended suite' feel.... I'm pretty addicted to this Burial album and I believe the hype. Now that I've listened to it about 6 times, I think I'm even starting to figure out what dubstep is....

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