Friday, December 21, 2007

Fat Worm of Error "Ambivalence and the Beaker" CDR
Loren Mazzacane Connors "Portrait Of A Soul" mp3s
Guns & Roses "Appetite For Destruction" mp3s
Popol Vuh "Aguirre" mp3s
"Songs of the Humpback Whale" LP
T.O.M. Project "Renaissance" 12-inch on iPod
7-inches by D. Charles Speer, Pink Reason, Brimstone Howl, and Bhob Rainey on iPod
Rusted Shut "Rehab" mp3s
Sun City Girls "Multiple Hallucinations of an Assassin" cassette on iPod

New disc on Yeay! by Fat Worm of Error. I haven't listened to their high-density free-form avant-panic music for a long time but they haven't let up or downshifted one bit. You don't need too many of these albums but this is as good as any other. Tons of pockets of rare tape-churdle and strangely rhythmic Venusian acid-rain-forest activity, punctuated by the occasional gas-face-inducing helium vocal rant. Ha, I'm at work and a contractor putting in new doors upstairs just approached me with a couple questions. I didn't see him coming or have a chance to turn it down and some RIDICULOUS music was going on. He really had no choice but to just ignore it while I quickly showed him what he needed..... this is a great Mazzacane record from the year 2000 that I just came across and had never really heard of before. Having some trouble finding the right volume for it at work, I keep turning it up but it always seems to stay under the threshold. I can still tell that it's really good. He's one of the few musicians in world history who can call an album "Portrait of a Soul" and have it be taken literally.... back home I put on the Humpback Whale LP for the kids because we're checking out a photo spread in National Geographic that shows a whale-song recordist. It's a really weird and trippy record. Some day I will play this for someone and say it's a new Wolf Eyes CDR-only release. They will believe me for at least 45 seconds, and maybe even 5 minutes... the T.O.M. Project is a Detroit techno/house/soul supergroup to the say the least: Theo Parrish, Omar-S (he's released some amazing 12-inches, I love the "Day"/"Night" joint, interview here), and Marcellus Pittman. "Renaissance" is a 12-inch that I downloaded somewhere and it is hands down the fuzoid funk stomper of the year, some real IDM (Instinctual Dance Music, I just made that up)... put a bunch of my favorite recent 7-inches on my iPod and the shuffle is just starting to get to those... the iPod has always emphasized certain albums to the point of annoyance, but now I'm starting to think it's slowly shifting to a new large set of albums to emphasize. If it's true then I'm glad it's finally moving into the 7s because I've got about 30 of 'em on here, and most of my actual vinyl is shelved right now and I'm kind of enjoying the breathing room. Anyway, just today I've heard D. Charles Speer "Past Or Beyond" b/w "Caananite Builder", Pink Reason By A Thread, Brimstone Howl M-60, and Bhob Rainey Two Bites of a Bitter Sweet (from 2006). Another album the pod is starting to favor tonight happens to be Rehab by Rusted Shut. Really is a blitzing album. For all the talk about Flipper-this and brutal-that lately, I'm surprised these guys aren't being talked about more....there was a little flurry of hype when Rehab came out in 2003, and since then nada... the Sun City Girls tape, featuring "Outtakes from the Torch of the Mystics sessions, circa 1987–88," starts with a dusted windswept 12-minute instrumental dirge jammer called "Scarlet Prism Death Dance." The moment a full 7 minutes in when Alan Bishop unleashes an absurd gargling banshee wail for about 20 seconds (and then shuts up and plays for the rest of the track) almost sums up everything about this band, why people hate them, and why they are awesome.

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