Sunday, December 02, 2007

Everyday People - "Life" on WNUR (R&B Flashback show)
Son of Earth - Pet LP
The Geeks - "Too Fat Pig" b/w "Visiting Day At San Quentin"

I drove the car again today and on the way back home from the grocery store a song came on WNUR, a spaced-out soul ballad of 1960s vintage in which basement recording vibes create a haunted fluttering gauze through which celestially glowing wordless vocals shimmer in background harmony and one voice weaves a childlike narrative about the streets of Gary, Indiana. That was where Everyday People were from, and this song, which was called "Life," came out as the B-side of a 45RPM single on Encore Records, not sure what year. A side was "Slipping Into Darkness" -- if that's a cover of the 1971 song by War, I'd put 'em right square in 1972. (The track sounds old.) I called the DJ and he said that hardly anything is known about the group, and only two copies of the record are currently known of, one of which he had just played on the air. Word is that the song may be reissued soon by a well-known digger with a label. Hurry up, label, I'll give you fifteen dollars, that's a small price to pay just to hear this song again... can't find it on the internet... yet... Son of Earth LP has been stuck on the turntable for daily listens, finally replaced by The Geeks 7-inch which I pulled out on a whim. Recorded in like 1980, it sounds even better today than it did last year when it was finally first released by Ss Records.

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