Saturday, February 04, 2017


Glad I have a copy of this, the 2008 DeStijl reissue of the 1970 Shh! LP by late-60s Finnish ultra-radicals SPERM. Right now I'm listening to opening track "Heinäsirkat I" while unrelatedly writing about 100% improvisation era Dead C, and I'll be damned if this track doesn't sound like peak improvised Dead C music. Hell, it sounds like something Throbbing Gristle might have done, and it predates TG by a good 5 years. One question though: when is DeStijl gonna come out of retirement and do the perfect exact repro of THE SPERM's only other real release, the 3rd Erection 7" EP from '68??

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Th' Ol' Jazzer said...

I just pulled this one out a few days ago after a few years. Definite Dead C. vibes on side A!

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