Friday, February 24, 2017


Recently heard this raging contemporary hardcore band on the Spin Age Blasters radio show on WFMU, and did a double-take upon learning they're from my old stomping grounds of Omaha, Nebraska. I already knew good music comes from Omaha, but the stuff I know about is usually from the extended Sing, Eunuchs! and/or Naturaliste families, and as far as I know Bib isn't related to that at all. I guess they're a hardcore band, but they have this slow/mid-tempo driving wall of doom thing going on that sidesteps rather than locksteps, helped not in the least by the singer who puts an agonized growl through delay pedals. I personally love vocals through a delay pedal in a hardcore setting, although I'm far from an expert and the only other examples that come immediately to mind are that one DYS song and the Violent Students CD from 2004 on the Parts Unknown label. (Please give me more examples.) Anyway, this is a brand new two-song cassette, edition of 100 that the band made to sell on their February 2017 tour, which just ended a few days ago... hope it was a blast for all involved.

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