Monday, February 12, 2018

GOLDEN MEAN Resonance b/w Resonance (Toxic Mix) 12" (FIT)

Extremely chilly contempo techno with vocals... stuff like coldwave and deathrock gets talked about a lot these days, but all I know is that this record gets the rare Blastitude deathly cold rating, all night long. We're talking morbidly frozen. Colder than the 20 inches of snow dumped on Chicago last week. Golden Mean are the duo of Sabisha Friedberg and Tyler Wilcox, Mills College and Bard College alums respectively says the bio, so you know they're well-versed, but the music's still gotta cut the mustard, and these forlorn techno moodscapes certainly do. Haunting, cold, and lovely electronic settings come and go, melodically/atmospherically/compositionally, as Friedberg intones those monotone colder-than-coldwave vocals, an intense spoken word piece about "toxic desire" and so forth. Move over "Justify My Love"...

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