Tuesday, May 16, 2017

ONE OF YOU Life Is So Hard b/w Faded Flowers (SCARAB RECORDS)

I think a onetime Chicago friend I haven't seen in at least a decade but follow on Twitter (Ms. Chambers of Ides, is that you?) posted this weird loner folk (?) whatsis, a 7" single self-released in Canada back in 1981. All I can say is wow. UPDATE (45 SECONDS LATER): Just learned the story... the singer for One of You is a Czech woman who left Prague after the 1968 revolution and relocated to Toronto. Sinking into alienation in the cold new North American city, she wrote these rather despairing bedroom dirges about her feelings. "Life Is So Hard" really lives up to the title, getting just a little scary when that "Cry little devil cry / Cry little devil cry" part goes into the chorus. The B side "Faded Flowers" is more of a church/medieval epic, or something, including spoken word, and an eerie chorale part that Ms. One of You builds through what must be overdubs. Maybe not as autobiographical, but still quite an ear-turner. Heavy music in all styles and volumes, or should I say #heavymusicinallstylesandvolumes .....

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