Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Usputuspud Disco CS
Crank Sturgeon Onager Sass CS
Bruce Springsteen Nebraska
The Fugees The Score

The Usputuspud tape is on the Caligulan Records label (which I've posted about before, use that handy search function up there), and it's "the solo endeavor of Matt Rogers, guitarist of Crucial Blast and [oops, torn press sheet]rdo's Wildildlife." That doesn't mean much but the terse next line, "It's all harmonica," pretty much guaranteed that I would listen (that and Caligulan's suave packaging). Not that "all harmonica" meant that it would be good, in fact, I listened more to just see how bad it could be. But you know what? It's good. Very good, in fact. The harmonica is slowed down and stretched out and overdubbed and stacked up until it gets louder and thicker and heavier and becomes some cosmic railroad-in-your-bedroom-closet type shit. Seriously, check it out. The Crank Sturgeon tape is on a new-to-me label called Cryptic Carousel. Let me tell you, I haven't listened to Crank Sturgeon in years, and there was something so instantly comforting about putting his tape on and realizing all over again that no one else drags an overamped contact mic through "tape, junk, voice & squawkbox" quite like he does. A sound as recognizable as Hendrix playing guitar.

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