Saturday, April 21, 2018

THE BYRDS (UNTITLED), a cut up poem by Larry "Fuzz-O" Dolman

...their emergence, they signalled the first one of those big deal ambition-striving beginnings of a thus-far stillborn "concept" album; McGuinn once said morning. They endure, thank goodness, Byrds albums are electronic magazines, and it's actually beginning to look this one is too, but it contains more like they might see the real dawn pictures than any of the others. And hopefully you and I will be as lucky. Pictures move. Someone ought to Jim Bickhart film it. There; it's been said. All these cats runnin' around with their easy awareness... innovative turbulent rider film script trips, talkin' about how personalities... perspective... enormous... they're gonna capture the vitality of motion... subtly forceful... dear rock medium on film. Well, that's a Byrds; we attended your concert at wonderful notion too, but somebody (Seton Hall University, South Orange, New) should really take on the challenge of Jersey... and it was the greatest... reversing the process: compose, we were treated to the concert by hour. Perform and record the music first, then 19-year old son Alan we wish shot the film the music is. More parents would listen to your music... Sincerely, Murray and this album also rebuts the argument that Gloria Mankowitz rock reaches a peak when it's more so the thing they do best, the thing nearly approaches a European tradition people follow best, is their music. There is a country/blues/folk/jazz or any story in this album that can only be other tradition that's made it. As a poem told aloud. Each song is a chapter, reaches its most perfect form it, but the story is best of all. This is not approaches the dance. Ezra Pound.

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