Wednesday, January 18, 2017


More sci-fi techno noise kink from Chicago's sprawling underground, witness two-piece group HOGG. They had me with the presumed deep Delany reference, but this 12-inch EP is some cool grinding weirdness on top of it. "Sci-fi techno noise kink" is in fact kinda limiting; I'm not sure what kind of music this is (punk/industrial/noise, to be simple), but it's deep, weird, aggro, and brave. This 12-inch Solar Phallic Lion has been out for a little while on Scrapes, a label run by Alex Barnett (who we talked about in the previous "Midwich Roundup" post). Hogg also has a 2015 cassette on the long-running (we were writing about 'em at least as far back as 2004) Nihilist label, called Bury the Dog Deeper, which has also been issued on LP (under a different title and with extra material) by the Rotted Tooth label. And hey, maybe they're not a two-piece on Solar Phallic Lion after all, if this gnarly welcome-to-Bellona beauty from the insert is actually a band photo:

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