Saturday, January 04, 2014


 1. First of all, RIP Phil Everly.


(John Lennon did a beautiful dream-fragment piano-demo version of this once too, you should listen to it.)

2. Circuit Des Yeux "Lithonia" This is probably my favorite new song I heard in 2013. It's completely incredible. I'm gonna be 'that guy' and say I prefer this more raw version, recorded at Magnetic South in Bloomington, IN and released on 10", to the re-recorded version with strings that leads off her great newest album Overdue. Both are superb though.


3. Velvet Underground "Sweet Sister Ray" Recently purchased the newish re-boot of the Sweet Sister Ray 2LP. The first record is a single performance of "Sweet Sister Ray" split over two sides, and I haven't even made it to the second record yet. Just been flipping "Sweet Sister Ray" over and over again. It's almost all the music I need in the world, and when I'm not simply blissed out, I'm fascinated by the difference between Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison's guitar styles.


4. Anonymous "Sweet Lilac" Completely haunted by this one. How could I not be with these melting heavy folk-rock song structures, stunning electric/acoustic guitar work, and a love-song hook that goes "You teach me/You're a school"?


5. Rake Kash "Foreign Lands" This swooning red-wine-infused piece of home-recorded deep romantic psych isn't on YouTube. To hear it you have to buy this record. In the meantime here's another Rake Kash number that is on YouTube.

EDIT: "Foreign Lands" now on YouTube!

6. Charalambides "Namaste" Market Square was the first Charalambides album I ever bought, back in 1996, and even though I haven't listened to it in a good 10 years I just put it on and realized it's still my favorite of theirs.

7. Syd Barrett "Swan Lee" Psychedelicious indeed.

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