Tuesday, June 18, 2013


01. Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Driftin' Back"
02. The Wicked Lady "Out Of The Dark"
03. Lee "Scratch" Perry "Womans Dub"
04. Wolf Eyes "Choking Flies"
05. Sonny & Linda Sharrock "Peaceful"
06. Brightblack Morning Light "Everybody Daylight"
07. Ted Berrigan & Anne Waldman "Memorial Day (Poetry Project at St. Mark's Place, May 5, 1971)"
08. Ma Turner & Weepjoy "I Will Not Bow"
09. Tear Jerks "Splash 1"
10. Stone Coal White "You Know"
11. Burning Spear "Creation Rebel"
12. DJ Dawn & Ranking Queens "Peace Truce Thing"
13. Jimi Hendrix "Peace In Mississippi"
14. The Magik Markers "I Trust My Guitar, Etc."
15. Prince "All The Critics Love U In New York"
16. Black Devil "Timing, Forget The Timing"
17. Cop City/Chill Pillars "Jennifer"
18. Lloyd Young & Augustus Pablo "Our Man Flint"
19. Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Ramada Inn"
20. Roy Richards & Brentford Disco Set "Natrual Dub"
21. The Upsetters "Shining Dub"
22. Alton & Soundemension "Mad Version"
23. Alton Ellis "African Descendants"
24. Andy Stott "Hatch The Plan"
25. Bedemon "Touch The Sky"
26. The Wicked Lady "Run The Night"
27. Arthur Russell "Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let's See"
28. Fabulous Diamonds "Wandering Eye"
29. Axe "A House Is Not A Motel"
30. Barry & Soundemension "Give Love Version"
31. A Beautiful Machine "Dream It Back"
32. Pentagram "Be Forewarned"
33. Black Sabbath "Instrumental jam (edit)"
34. Abigail "The Bonehunter"
35. Blues Control "Good Morning"
36. Bob Dylan "Wigwam"
37. The Trypes "Eternal Ice"
38. Eugene Chadbourne "Hippies And Cops/Luxury Liner"
39. Milk Music "Fertile Ground"
40. Bob Marley "Soul Rebel"
41. Michael Chapman "Slow Coach (live at WFMU)"
42. Jaap Spek "Impulses (1959-1960)"
43. The Heptones "Young Generation"
44. Freddie McGregor "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
45. Cheveu "Unemployment Blues"
46. Jah Shaka "Zion Chant"
47. David Crosby "The Wall Song"
48. MV & EE "Turbine"
49. A Certain Ratio "Do The Du"
50. Zoltan Pongracz "Mariphonia (1972)"
51. Weed "Sweet Morning Light"
52. Buffalo "Dead Forever"
53. Plush "More You Becomes You"
54. Neil Young "Harvest Moon (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)"
55. Gunter Schickert "Kriegmaschinen, Fahrt Zur Holle"
56. Sound Dimension "Down Presser Version"
57. Joni Mitchell "This Flight Tonight"

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