Thursday, July 28, 2011

Remember that anecdote in Shakey about Stephen Stills fighting a heckler at Big Sur? While wearing a fur coat? And then mumbling a "heavy" apology after returning to the stage? Well, it can indeed be found on YouTube, from the rarely screened 1971 concert film Celebration At Big Sur, and it's an even weirder scene inside the goldmine than I had pictured:

After Neil jams on the organ for a fairly rousing "Sea Of Madness" (nice to see a little footage of Greg Reeves on bass), the weird vibes start around the 4:00 minute mark. Don't miss Stills' "heavy" apology after the fight, although as goofy as his rap is, I have to admit the solo version of "4+20" that follows it is in fact pretty heavy, no irony quotes.

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PB said...

I'm glad to see the clip has made it onto YouTube ... never fails to amaze me what's out there that I should have seen by now but haven't ...

4+20 is probably the highlight of the CSN&Y footage. Probably not a kind comment.

I wish the Burrito Brothers had been filmed.

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