Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The GROUP DOUEH show put me in a mood and I've been listening to NASS EL GHIWANE all morning because they have some of the most tranced-out banjo/guimbri/percussion jams of all time. They've existed since the early 1970s and have been described as "the Rolling Stones of Morocco," due to their regional popularity and rad rock'n'roll appearance. I first heard of them in the travel diary Derek Monypeny wrote for Blastitude #27. (Scroll down a bit for some Ghiwane goods.) Lots of stuff to hear by them via YouTube, and a superb career-spanning 2-CD set called Double Best was released this year.

And just in case you've missed it over the last few years because it's embedded 3/4th of the way down Derek's article, please check out this YouTube. It's not Nass El Ghiwane, it's Abdullah Chmairan and it is extremely heavy:

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