Saturday, May 23, 2009

So I was over there at Blastwitude, about to post like 14 twitter-dee-tweets (or whatever you call 'em) in a row and drive everyone crazy, when I thought, hey, why not just post 'em all at once on the blog? So here they are. Keep checking over there for daily stuff but seriously, sometimes a 140 character limit just isn't worth trying... you'll notice I took some liberty with some of these....

DEPECHE MODE: Violator CS (MUTE) I'll admit this sounds more dated & less sci-fi hip than the average Blank Dogster, but real songwriting always wins (which comes especially clear on Side B here - "Enjoy the Silence"/"Policy of Truth"/"Blue Dress"/"Clean", damn)

THE GEORGE-EDWARDS GROUP: 38:38 LP (DRAG CITY) Lite psych private press from 1977 -- sweet sounds but not really feeling the songs

TAMARYN: Led Astray, Washed Ashore LP (TROUBLEMAN) With all the annoying 80s goth pop worship going on these days, why is this 80s goth pop worshipping record kinda knocking me out?

"Hey Man" by Spacemen 3 from Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To -- lest we forget, not many can touch this

Interesting self-quiz: How many Wavves songs can you recall from memory right now? Me = zero.

Okay, how many Blank Dogs songs? Me = zero. (Rule: you have to have listened at least 3 separate times.)

LULACRUZA & MJ GREENMOUNTAIN: Soloina CD (UJI MUSIC) Tropicalia/electronica/psych/pop mixing lotsa South American folk instruments w/laptoppery & chanteuse to mild bland effect

TELEPHONE CALLERS s/t CS (NO LABEL) Way-long messy tape of like 40 thrashing crumbling weird punk miniatures from Ann Arbor -- shows promise, would check out a 7"

EMERALDS: What Happened? CD (NO FUN) OK record but I feel like these guys are loosening the tight grip they initially had on generating phantom reflections of bliss cathedrals & now letting in occasional mild wishy-washy 'noise' and 'drone' moves for peers

EMERALDS: Fresh Air 7" (SOUNDESIGN) No noise capitulation here, just 10 min of classic cosmic arpeggiations - nice record - $11 though?

PAPA M: Live From A Shark Cage 2LP (DRAG CITY) Ah 1999... pre-internet... post-rock... a generation discovers Fahey & minimalism... bland masterpiece

WOODS: Songs of Shame CD (SHRIMPER/WOODSIST) Judging from Z Gun #3 review of Family Creeps this band's high vocals & general beardisms are TermBro kryptonite and this one is in fact twee-er than that but I like this band, another good album

MAGIK MARKERS: Balf Quarry LP/CD (DRAG CITY) Drag City debut, another in the bold psych/garage/song style of Boss

@brianhcollins What I meant by "70s/80s stuff from Thailand" is that 70s Thai Orchestra is not from the 70s nor Thailand - there's only one Thai band not from Thailand I really like so far and it's Neung Phak

V/A: Hardcore Amerika CD ( - pretty harsh 2001 comp of lesser-known early/mid-80s hardcore, listened to 2 of the 13 bands tonight: Detention from Trenton, NJ are odd, harsh & raging but also musical, political, and even theatrical... Psycho from Boston on the other hand are more psycho, just a little too poppy and tight to be considered part of the Void strain, but they do rip, very fast & mean -- they put out their first record in '83 but are somewhat forgotten due to a) dumb lyrics, b) not being part of Boston Crew, & c) worst of all, later going death metal and doing splits with Anal Cunt and the Meat Shits.

ZOLA JESUS: New Amsterdam CDR (SACRED BONES) Have been unsure (of both artist and label) but I like this - heavy music, primal soul singing (I think I like the Tamaryn record better though)

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