Saturday, November 24, 2007

Monster Island - Children of Mu 2LP
Temple of Bon Matin - Flower Footed Ghost CD
Theo Angell and the Tabernacle Hillside Singers - Auraplinth CD
David Kilgour - Sugar Mouth CD
The Gordons - The Gordons/Future Shock CD
Mike Tamburo and His Orchestra - Ghosts of Marumbey CD
Buck Gooter - Animals CD
Eric Ostrowski - Magnificent Forest CD/DVD
Adventures of Little Mouse Vol. 1 DVD

Just got the Monster Island double-LP. It's pretty ambitious and I hope to write something more in depth about it soon over at the regular mag...sides 3 and 4 are one big zone-out....Temple of Bon Matin is brand new and excellent flowing ruffneck "deep south psychedelia"....The Theo Angell album is absolutely one of the best of the year.....A guy from New Zealand at work has been lending me all his favorite homeland stuff: the Kilgour disc has a wonderful dreamy sound that flirts with abject pop cheese and trumps it at every turn. The Gordons sounded cool but lost me a little on first listen, I need to give it another one....Mike Tamburo disc hasn't registered yet, check back later....Buck Gooter is a couple older townies from Harrisonburg, VA doing noisy weirdo bedroom rock. Could be comparable to Screaming Mee-Mees except with a drum machine. Might be pretty good, again, check later. They sent it to me wrapped in a used organic blueberry waffles box......Not feeling the Eric Ostrowski. Didn't like Noggin, don't like the solo. I'm not sure how to put it, but I feel like he, solo and with Noggin, constantly uses extended violin technique not to play MUSIC, or even really ORGANIZED SOUND, but just to play mere extended violin technique. The films on the DVD are better but similar in that they strike me not as works -- for example, the titles don't seem to matter -- but as examples of technique. And in this case, it's Brakhage's technique..... L'il Phil Dolman is going off over here (he's four now), he just said something about a "hippopatomysterious in the Serious Tower", strictly off the top of the dome..... Hey, finally processing a track off the Tamburo disc, and whoah, I assumed it was the Bon Matin. Would not've guessed the Tamubro, with no Fahey worship fingerpicking in sight, this is a cloudy nervous 15-minute krautwise jam called "oh my lord, please spare this soul from these demon hauntings," I likes, more on this record later...... just put on the Little Mouse joint for the kids, sweet wordless Polish animation from the 1960s or 1970s. Awesome odd orchestral jazz score. Laid-back and completely dialogue-free high-jinks by the titular mouse, scruffy cats, back-alley rats, musical crickets, scary storks, much more... right now the kids are rapt, which means I should be cleaning the house, see ya!

UPDATE: Oh yeah, the Gordons has officially sunk in. For some reason I was thinking it was from 1990 or so (I know absolutely nothing about the Flying Nun label, I was always an Xpressway guy) but once I gave some thought to when it was actually recorded (freakin' 1981), okay, I get it. Better than the Birthday Party? At least I'd rather listen to the Gordons now that the Nick Cave shock effect has worn off.

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