Sunday, February 05, 2012

Here's a coda to the last post about New Zealand, surf, friends, Surf Friends, and the music of the great outdoors. This is one of the best surf videos I've ever seen and the reason is that there's no overdubbed soundtrack music... after immersion in the ancient cross-rhythms of pounding ocean, the watered-down world music (posing as "dub") or plodding post-Creed achievement-rock these videos often use just doesn't cut it. Plus, just last week I spent an hour or so hanging out on this very "beach" (instead of sand, you have to walk over about 100 feet of volcanic boulders, visible in the first 2 seconds of the clip, just to get to the water). The waves weren't nearly as big and only a couple surfers were out, but it was still a fabulous way to spend part of an afternoon. 

Bonus clip (also without music!) of people surfing the infamous Jaws break in Hawaii. Insane!

Special shout to Erik Davis for getting me going yesterday by posting clips from unknown 1970 surf flick Pacific Vibrations on twitter, like this one:

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